Madeline Hay and Nicole Pires attended high school together. They were both into the same stuff like music, fashion, art, film and food. One day Nicole texted Madeline and asked her if she wanted to start an online magazine. They pulled the name from a Strokes song called Ize of the World. Although they later found out that no one would get that it was a double entendre of the word "eyes" and instead would pronounce it "izzie".

Nonetheless, they didn't muck about and they released their first issue in January 2011. After putting the whole issue together themselves, they found that really cool photographers, writers, stylists and models wanted to work with them. They were pleasantly surprised (and or shocked), but ran with it. Working with awesome contributors makes them happier than a fat kid with chocolate cake.

Madeline and Nicole love creating IZE Magazine more than anything else and can't wait to share each issue with their precious readers.