Wednesday, 7 March 2012


IZE talks to Jordan Iovenitti, the owner of Bunker Boutique. The Bunker Boutique is situated in the basement of 181 George St Brisbane.

When was Bunker Boutique established?
4th December 2010. The first store was in Camp Hill on Old Cleveland Road. I moved the store to its city location July last year.

What provided you with the initiative to start your own store?
I believed that there wasn't enough 'different' fashion in Brisbane. There weren't/arn't enough independent boutiques here. When I opened the store there were so many of the same labels, pieces, etc. being overstocked and not enough attention being paid to helping emerging designers. I wanted to create a comfortable environment were all of this was available whilst receiving the ultimate in customer service.

Is there a general concept you based it around?
I just wanted to offer people unique and different products and pieces that they can work into their lives that they love, and that they will continue to love for seasons to come.

Are the multitude of brands you sell sourced locally or internationally?
It's a big mix of both. We have designers from different states in Australia, New Zealand, New York and Britain.

As the owner, what is the most pleasure you get out of the store?
Knowing that I'm helping broaden Brisbane's fashion scene and giving back to the industry. Helping designers grow and develop their labels, and that I'm doing what I love.

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