Thursday, 12 April 2012

NATIVE THURSDAYS: Flight of the Concords/ Festival News

WORDS |   Oliver Mengel

It’s been ten years since Bret and Jermaine made their Australian debut at the Melbourne Comedy Festival, but New Zealand’s 4th most popular folk-parody duo are finally back. The two boys from Flight of The Concords have announced a string of gigs in Australia, promising some of the well-known songs from the HBO series, as well as some new groovedelic numbers to bolster their catalogue. After having some understandable time off after their run-away success of the Emmy nominated series, which took them to a packed Wembley stadium and back, the two have decided to pick up their trade once again; any excuse to get out of New Zealand. They play an all-ages gig at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre on July 7 with tickets on sale from April 17th, I’d advise you get there quick. 

There is a fine balance in being a musical comedian. On one hand, unlike usual musical songwriting, the music has to play second fiddle to the lyrics, so the chords usually have a wateriness about them. On the other; you have the inner-tortured artist yearning for the appraisal and musical recognition of the audience. There have been numerous Australian acts try to crack the metaphorical coconut over the years: Tripod, The Bedroom Philosopher, The Scared Weird Little Guys, and of course the most successful of them all, Tim Minchin. What the best do is combine musical meaning inside the lyrics, and vice versa. Music at the worst of times always has the inherent ability to communicate with people on at least the most basic of levels, so when you see someone with the talent to use that in junction with witty verses, people are entertained on a higher platform than that of just someone reciting lines from stage. 

Hip-hop fans hold on to your Snapbacks, anyone who was looking forward to Supafest I have some bad news. P. Diddy and Missy Elliot both pulled out of the urban music festival; the Show limped out of Melbourne with ticket sales reportedly ‘‘well below’’ the organizers expectations. It’s hard times for Festivals, with Big Day Out and Splendour both forced to downsize. But it’s not all bad news, if all goes to plan; an expected audience of between 80,000 and 100,000 punters will make their way to the Birth of a new annual festival, to witness a twelve hour line-up of classic rock acts at ‘The One Great Night On Earth’ festival. Although there have been no announced acts as yet, organizers have promised some true ‘legendary acts’, some of which have not seen the sight of Australian shores in quite some time. So keep an eye on that, and if you can’t, record it on IQ or something.

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