Monday, 21 May 2012


Kodiak Empire is the freshest Alternative Rock band Brisbane has to offer. With an EP currently on its way, the boys are looking to make their mark on the Brisbane music scene. IZE interviews them on all things band (and Mighty Boosh) related when the boys fill in the gaps.

KODIAK EMPIRE HAVE BEEN AROUND for a relatively short amount of time, only about 3 months. WE WOULD SUM UP OUR SOUND AS sensually stimulating, "the past and the present combined to create something not as good as either," (Mighty Boosh, Hitcher, 2009) and a mash up of artists and genres that inspire us. MAJOR INFLUENCES INCLUDE a very long list of artists, not only musical, a few stand outs would be Silverchair, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Nirvana, Slayer, Miles Davies and Johnny Cash. ONE DAY WE WANT TO BE bears that play small gigs packed to the brim on the surface of the gas giant Saturn. ONE BAND I WOULD LOVE TO PLAY WITH IS Slayer (Joseph), Black Sabbath (Bryce) and The Medics/ Velociraptor (Jacob). OUR APPROACH TO THE MUSIC MAKING PROCESS IS very serious stuff, generally we start with a riff and build on that, but if we are stuck or just for fun we jam and take the good bits out of that jam session. WE ARE GENERALLY 4 males on a journey to find the meaning of life and aspire to dip our toes in the cosmic river.

Kodiak Empire are available for and looking to play gigs so check it out and get on it.
Jacob Warren - Bass
Joseph Rabjohns - Guitar,
Bryce Carleton - Vocals,
Josh Engel - Drums.

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