Tuesday, 15 May 2012


Cabaret's Mein Herr
I know what you're thinking, really Maddy, musicals? But if you are a dance and broadway music enthusiast like me, you will understand the brilliance of the choreography in these moments. So I give you my top 5 musical moments!

1. Rich Man's Frug, Sweet Charity

While the musical scenes in Sweet Charity are the only thing that redeems Bob Fosse's movie, I honestly don't care because this choreography is so good. I admit that the reason I am growing my hair is to have an amazing long ponytail like the main dancer to swing around. Favourite section of this number is 'The Heavyweight.'

2. We Both Reached for the Gun, Chicago

Such a fun scene! The amazing set design, choreography of the journalists and plastic, doll-like appearance of everyone but Billy Flynn are some of the main reasons for loving this moment.

3. Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend, Burlesque

No, it's not one of the main songs by either Christina or Cher, but I simply love this scene! The competitiveness between the two dancers and most of all, the song - the best!

4. Good Morning, Singing In The Rain

After listening to this song, you cannot help but feel happy (well at least happier than you were before, unless you hate anything musically related, which is quite a possibility). If only we could just burst into song and dance spontaneously!

5. Willkommen, Cabaret 

Cabaret's Willkommen
The opening to Bob Fosse's film, Cabaret (you can really tell I love Bob Fosse).  The costumes, the set, the musical numbers, there is too much to love in this film! When Cabaret came to Brisbane, I fell in love with the musical even more so, especially seeing the unique choreography come to life! Unfortunately, the embedding was disabled for all the Cabaret clips on YouTube so I can't show it here... but see it when you click here!

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