Tuesday, 5 June 2012

LOCAL NATIVES: Atripwithsid EP Review

WORDS  |   Nicole Pires

The long awaited self-titled EP by Atripwithsid is finally finished and is available for pre-order now! Their full and explosive sound comes through in their debut record, which is effortlessly prosecuted by the five talented musicians that make up the band.

Atripwithsid EP Review

1. Alive

After an awesome intro, Alive kicks off the EP with an unforgettable melody and a catchy chorus line. When you close your eyes, you can almost imagine the video clip playing before your eyes. An offbeat drumming track by drummer Nic Stewart and a supportive bass line by Liam Cassidy set off the track.

2. Volcanic Kim

The first single of the EP, Volcanic Kim, is lead by a succinct guitar riff before the subdued vocals kick in. Whilst it’s the darker song of the record, it still packs the same amount of punch. Download Volcanic Kim here.

3. Effin A (it’s not me)

The vocals on this track
have the feeling of those angsty teenage days. The driving beat gives great energy to the underlying rhythm of the song. The drum rolls and the guitar riffs make it the kind of song you want to play loud and scream into your pillow to.

4. Rain

Rain is a completely different track to Effin A, with an easy intro into some really good harmonies through the chorus. The guitars by Saagar Chandra and Lachlan Sturre are the strong in their execution and clarity.

5. Let It Go

The final track of the record is the acoustic song Let It Go. Even with an alternative/punk/post-hardcore band, there’s nothing that connects more with fans than an acoustic track. The rawness and vulnerability shines through lead vocalist Jacob Lihou’s voice, the perfect way to end a great EP.

Pre-orders for the EP available for $5 via the band’s Facebook page.

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Jacob Lihou- Lead Vocals
Liam Cassidy- Bass Guitar
Lachlan Sturre- Guitar
Saagar Chandra- Guitar
Nic Stewart- Drums

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