Sunday, 12 August 2012

INTRODUCING... Grafiklab

Sarah Fountain is a Brisbane-based photographer and graphic designer. Her photos illuminate colours and accentuate the beauty in all subjects. Exuberant and eye-catching photography, IZE interviews Sarah.

For how long have you been photographing for?

I've always had a fascination with photography and carried around a camera on me where ever I go but I only started doing fashion shoots in late 2011.

How did photography enter into your life?

I really developed a passion for photography when I received my first SLR camera as a birthday present from my boyfriend.

What are your ingredients to taking a perfect photo?

A lot of planning is involved in making sure you have the right lighting, model, hair, makeup and styling but when it comes to shooting time I prefer not to stick to a routine and try to find creativity from within depending on the feel of the day and my mood as well as the model's mood. I also like to try and capture when they are looking natural rather than too posed.

What do you look for when scouting locations?

I am constantly scouting locations without even realising it. I could be driving around and if a place has a certain mood or has beautiful lighting in the late afternoon or early morning or is a really pretty place I will write it down to consider for a shoot.

As you are also a graphic designer, what does this mean in terms of your photography?

I think being a graphic designer has given me a bit of a head start because I am familiar with Photoshop and have a good understanding of colour and composition.

Who inspires you?

So many people inspire me! I'm not just inspired by other photographers but anyone who is very passionate and dedicated to mastering something that makes them happy.

All images photographed by Sarah Fountain @ Grafiklab

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