Tuesday, 4 September 2012

RAW:Brisbane 'Radiate' (PART II)

WORDS | Melita Collins
RAW Brisbane creates a brilliant opportunity for local musicians to showcase their talent in front of a live, responsive audience.

The crowd bubbling with energy and anticipation under dimmed lights, We Old Owls lit up the stage with their dynamic, fresh performance and mellow music. After merely one month, the band pulled together their premiere with upmost professionalism and style, drawing the listeners into their unique musical sound. A fusion of reggae and indie rock, their chilled beats support rock rhythms and refreshing saxophone lines, providing interest and development just where needed. Check out their songs on Facebook, and keep your ear to the ground for their next gig.

Next on the line-up were Brisbane's Indie Pop band, The Roshambos. With their fresh, lively sound and catchy beats, their album will certainly be the soundtrack of my summer. The group had great stage presence, capturing the audience with their clear confidence and love of music. A highlight of the night was tune Shoot a Gun, with its fast drum beats, chirpy vocal backups and crunchy electric guitar hooks. Their music is accessibly on both iTunes and Facebook, with their EP Ballyhoo available for a bargain purchase. If you love fresh, grown-at-home music, keep an eye out for these guys, they are not to be missed!

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