Friday, 26 October 2012


The evening kicked off with a short film It's Hot by Stewart Reeves written by himself and Sean Dennehey. Dennehey also acted as the main character in the film. The audience were first presented with the image of someone scooping his fingers in a tub of Western Star butter. The noise this made was unparalleled  and I can't imagine anyone not squirming at the thought of gloopy butter under their fingernails. Even more startling, he then proceeds to rub the butter all over his bare chest. The film started with the signature line "It's hot". As the film progressed, it became apparent that it was all in rhyme. The dialogue was witty and well timed and had the audience laughing at its absurdity. It's Hot packed the comical punch that only a short film can deliver. 


Following the short film, Brianna Carpenter was the first artist to step up to the stage. Accompanied by another vocalist, Brianna took position behind her keyboard. The RAW Showcase was absolutely packed and the audience were still buzzing from the short film. But when the first notes came out of her mouth to her song Jacqueline, there was an audible hush in the audience. Looking into her background I discovered Brianna’s immense musical history. She has been nominated and received  many awards for her songwriting and other  abilities. She also made the Top 12 in Australian Idol five years ago. After her breathtaking performance, it’s not hard to see why she has so many accolades. Those who are a fan of recent powerful female singers such as Regina Spektor, Sarah Blasko and Kate Nash will love Brianna’s voice. A standout song of the night has to be LandslideMaybe there’s something special in the “Carpenter” name, but I can see Brianna joining the Australian singing greats.

The first thing that I thought when Capital Control graced the stage was, Wow, this band have obviously been around a long time the way they’re playing so tight. Turns out that Capital Control haven’t played together in a year! One of the best qualities of a live band is when they have the ability to put together a set that flows seamlessly from one song to the next. Capital Control nailed it. Their music seemed to fall in the Indie Rock genre with songs like My Head. However, there’s something about them that makes you want to move. It’s impossible to listen to What You’re Looking For without swaying around. Capital Control’s general likeability made them an awesome band to see live.

Burlesque performer Lillian Lace was the performing artist of the evening. After taking the stage covered by feathers, the energy in the room reached a high and the audience became excited. Lillian performed with ease, style and a little bit of cheekiness. Although she is relatively new to the burlesque scene, her performance made it seem as though she had been doing it for years. She oozed sophistication and confidence, which for most seems daunting to do wearing sexy lingerie in front of a full audience. Lillian is nominated for Miss Burlesque Australia 2013. 

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