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Tamzen Holland's styling in our TRASH issue of IZE
We interviewed the fabulous stylist, Tamzen Holland, in Issue #6 of IZE Magazine. Tamzen has worked with us on the 'Trash Glam' editorial in the IZE Trash issue. We were blown away by Tamzen's composition of outfits, and how she worked in unique pieces that she had altered herself. Unfortunately we couldn't fit in the whole interview in our magazine, but we thought it was important to share with you the rest of Tamzen's answers because she provides a unique insight into the styling world.

IZE: As a stylist hired for a shoot. what is expected of you?

TAMZEN: I offer a lot of options to my clients due to my skill range in other fields. As a fashion stylist, it's my job to provide all the garments, shoes and accessories for the shoot. They have to suit the brief given by the client and enhance the shot taken by the photographer. I have to take in what the images will be used for, when they will be used and why. I like to make sure my styling is current or a forecasted/future trend, so images won't date quickly. I like to make sure that the pieces used haven't been seen before and that it always looks amazingly inspirational. I tend to get a lot of my items overseas.

A lot of my work starts weeks sometimes months before the shoot day. I have to contact all the designers and organise for the right pieces to be shipped to me in the right size and colours, this is a lot of back and forth. I have to source a lot of specialised items from many different places. As the fashion stylist I have to then prep all the items before the shoot and style them with accessories etc. that best express the story told. On the shoot day, I steam and present the garments, accessories and shoes. I will dress and assist on positioning the model for fashion based shoots. The garments change from when they are in front of you compared to when they are in front of the camera, I am constantly checking everything is presented well and is positioned perfectly. I am always behind the photographer. Finally, I have to clean and return everything in perfect condition to where it originally came from. Then, begin again.

IZE: Do you find it difficult to make a name for yourself in Brisbane?

TAMZEN: It's hard, therefore I branch out and work in merchandising, events planning and personal styling. Brisbane can be slow, and people tend to stay with their old clicks and groups so it makes it hard for new up and comings if they don't have representation.

The thing that saddens me most is that Brisbane has so many amazing creatives that all move to Paris or even Melbourne to get work and appreciation in their chosen creative fields. I am looking at moving to London in a few years to work as Fashion Editor for a magazine but before I go I wanted to do my part. I am in the foundation stages of a new business called ZenPop Creatives. Myself and another talented creative are building a creative hub representing photographers, graphic designers, illustrators, writers, re-touchers, fashion stylists, hair stylists and make-up artists. Australia needs to support the arts a lot more.


IZE: What advice would you give people who want to get into styling?

TAMZEN: If you want to be a stylist you have to understand how a garment should look, the foundations are so important, and fashion stylists should have a basic understanding in fashion history. You then start building a portfolio, to thrive successfully in the creative industry you need to be well connected by using agents and services like ZenPop Creatives.

To succeed in fashion, you need to have an eye for things, how they go together, to be honest this cannot be taught, it's a natural something you have or you don't.

Photography by Sarah Fountain
Styling by Tamzen Holland
Make-up and Hair by Kayrene Le Marchant
Hair by Megan Joy
Modelling by Keely @ Viviens and Madilyn @ Tamblyn

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