Wednesday, 18 April 2012


WORDS |   Nicole Pires

It has come to worldwide attention of the amazing ability of hologram technology following Tupac's chilling performance at Coachella music festival. So many things were rushing through my head when I saw the footage, and so many possibilities of star hologram resurrections came to mind. Here is my list of stars that deserve to be hologrammed.

1. Kurt Cobain

Kurt smiling, Kurt looking sad, Kurt singing, Kurt just standing and looking prophetically into the distance. Any hologrammed imagery of Kurt Cobain would be insane.

2. Ian Curtis

One can only imagine his famous "epilepsy" dance being performed in front of their very eyes. It's the thing of dreams.

3. Brittany Murphy

Beautiful Brittany, gone so young. How blissful to see a hologram of that infectious laugh that we've come to love in movies such as Clueless and Spun.

4. Edie Sedgwick

The ever interesting and tantalising it-girl that Vogue declared as the official Youthshaker. To see her  move...

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