Sunday, 15 April 2012

ZOOEY: Secret Show 14/04/12

From left to right: Nic Brassil, Mike Day and Mark Day

WORDS & PHOTOGRAPHY |   Nicole Pires

A secret show, how illusive I thought? I had only ever dreamed about going to a secret show, such as the one that takes place in Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist. Whilst the address was released the day before the gig, it was exciting nonetheless and Zooey exceeded all of my expectations

The band played a few of their originals and some pimped out covers. The indie/electronic/pop genre has grown over the last few years, but Zooey's original History is a fresh new take. Dinos and Fairytale Princess had the same depth to their lyrics whilst still being appealing and upbeat. The relatively new band already has some dedicated fans, reciting all the lyrics to their originals. They covered Bleeding Knees Club’s Teenage Girls and Darwin Deez’s Radar Detector. After the audience demanded an encore, Zooey finished the night with Vampire Weekend’s Walcott, a crowd pleaser that had everyone yelling and dancing.

Named after the beautiful and quirky Zooey Deschannel, the band does their namesake justice. Zooey has the potential to make the same impression on the Brisbane music scene such as bands like Last Dinosaurs and Ball Park Music. Make sure you search Zooey on Facebook and look out for any upcoming gigs in the future. 

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