Thursday, 5 April 2012

NATIVE THURSDAYS: Calais and Stormchasers

WORDS  |   Ollie Mengel


One thing is for sure with these Brisbane guys, their sound is begging for the large stage. Set to launch their 2nd EP in the next few weeks, Calais have managed to produce songs that could be blasted out of a stadium and your headphones at the same time. Guitarist Joe Fleming said,
‘‘I've always felt that we should be able to bring out some awesome CD's that are really tight and polished, but still have the brutality in their live set. So we've talked about having our EP as an entertaining CD, not just recordings of songs we play live.’’

It’s a good ideology to have, one that seems to be lost to all but the last remaining prog-rock bands. It’s this inherent musical understanding and maturity that has given Calais the edge over the seemingly endless hordes of school-rock bands, who spend their time in the eternal limbo of Cream and AC/DC covers, perpetually re-working songs. The bandmates have survived the challenges that come with switching from high school to university and working around schedules that pushed recording back to a month and half. So if you’re a fan of the edge, stadium rock or layers of guitar, have a look at Calais. If you’re not, do it anyway. Local music deserves your support, especially when they are as talented as these guys.


What’s that, you want more local EP’s? Stormchasers are on the verge of the release of their EP, Homemade Lemonade. Their single Raw Bacon oozes of care-free summers in Paddington. We might be heading into winter, but if this single is any indication, this EP might just see us through. Carrying on the 8 piece folk unit, Stormchasers have a lot going on; but the group from the hills of Brisbane have a refreshing warmth to their music that will make any Soundwave goer smile.

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