Thursday, 21 June 2012


It's that time of year again when everyone's favourite store Ksubi goes on a mega sale! If you thought the W.A.R IS OVER sale was good before, now there is 20% of full price styles. This includes Ksubi staples that rarely ever go on sale. IZE favourites:

Baddies Fleece
Was $179.95 AUD
NOW $143.95 AUD

Who can resist this jumper with the Ksubi trademark phrase Baddies across the shoulders? Although it's in the Men's Fashion section, who really cares! It's a universal fleece that is perfect for any chick/dude's winter outfit. 

Hi and Wasted - CobaltWas $199.95 AUD
NOW $159.95 AUD
These jeans are a staple for any girl's wardrobe. They fit like a glove and move effortlessly in the stretch denim. The Cobalt Hi and Wasted are more than just your average black jean, they have a higher waist and a "wax" appearance. 

Panelled Zip Blazer
Was $479.95 AUD
NOW $229.95 AUD

Not really a staple, but how can you not fall in love with this jacket. A perfect mixture of tarten, leopard print and denim, this will make the simplist of outfits stand out.

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