Thursday, 20 September 2012


Nico Underwear at the Brisbane Fringe Fashion Festival

The Brisbane Fringe Fashion (B.F.F.) festival is in full swing! Aside from the beautiful fashion that the festival showcases, there’s an even better reason why you should support the B.F.F. All of the clothing featured are both emerging and sustainable
We have already seen the successful Clothes Swap Extravaganza Bonanza on 15 September at the Ice-Cream Factory in the West End. But if you missed out on this, don’t fear because there are two more great events to come.

There’s the Flash Fashion Parade on 21 September at 6pm in front of BREW on Lower Burnett Lane. Starting at 6pm, the event is free and will showcase emerging designers and will feature burlesque models (ooh la la). The final event of the festival is the Seamless Designer Markets on 29 September The Box on 29 Vulture Street. From 2-6pm will be treat to both your senses, including works by local designers and music from local bands.
Fabled and True
Some of the sustainable and ethical clothing on display include Nico Underwear and East of Grey. Lis Harvey, B.F.F. co-founder and owner/designer of Nico Underwear, says that “Sustainability plays a big role in decision making from material selection, to packaging, in order to minimise waste.” The B.F.F. festival is spreading the importance about making educated decisions of what we wear and where is comes from. This is such a great initiative to support as it's fashion with a great message. 

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